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For lovers of creamy pastas!

This fundamentally simple dish consists of a rich, creamy sauce with eggs, cheese, chicken or beef bacon and a finishing dash of salt and pepper.

mac n cheese

The classic Mac N Cheese. Everyone’s favorite meal.

A simple yet delicious and wholesome meal, suitable for everyone, experience the cheesy goodness recipe made from our kitchen to you.


The healthy choice, filled with antioxidants and vitamin C!

This pasta of Tomato-ey goodness comes in beef or chicken has a refreshing taste that leaves you feeling nostalgic.


For lovers of cheesier pastas!

The Mornay is much cheesier than the carbonara but still maintains it’s creamy, silky nature when served with pasta.


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Chicken confit

A French delicacy where meat is slowly cooked in its own fat which results in really tender and rich tasting meat that literally falls off the bone.

Chicken chop

A healthy choice, served with a beautiful brown sauce that is truly appetizing and its accompaniment of mashed potatoes makes the dish a complete and satisfying meal.

Chicken meatball

Meatballs served over mashed potatoes, drenched with a delicious creamy and cheesy sauce. Best accompanied with pastas.


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Mashed Potatoes

Soft, creamy and of course served with a delicious peppery brown sauce.


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Pudding (Original & Chocolate)

A Vanilla or Chocolate Soy-based pudding that is a modern version of your childhood favourite ‘tau foo fah’.


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Ice lemon tea

A refreshing, slightly sour drink that quenches your thirst on a hot day.

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