NO Franchise Fee

Since we are operating on a licensing system. There is no Franchise fee imposed. You keep what you earn. Did we mention? We don’t even impose any royalty fees!!

Foods are 100% Halal certified

In order to cater to a much broader audience. We ensure that our foods are all certified by JAKIM 100% Halal out of the respect for the Muslim mass audience thus you can cater our pastas to the masses.

Become a part of Little Fat Duck

Most Affordable Pastas Around

What has gave us the success over the years has always been quality and affordability. With a net net price of RM6 our pastas are one of the cheapest meals anyone can get for its kind.

Be Your Own Boss

​Take control of your own business. The LFD will give a 100% of our support in terms of marketing & logistics. How you run your branch isentirely up to you.