OEM Manufacturing

Little Fat Duck’s aim is to enable food and beverage operators to achieve proper food certification without having to spend on expensive machinery and a central kitchen.

At littlefatduck, we provide a wide range of food products available for OEM and large-scale manufacturing.

So, what is food manufacturing?
Food manufacturing refers to transforming raw ingredients into edible products.

The following are some of the food manufacturer processes we can help you with:

Food manufacturers can cut or chop vegetables, produce, and meats for consumers into the sizes that they want.

For example, they will peel and can peaches or grind raw beef and put it into packages.

This will allow you to save time on cutting everything on your own.

Malaysian foods, especially Malay and Indian cuisine requires a combination of multiple spices to create the dishes unique flavor profile.

We can help you create special seasonings and marinades for your food to elevate the quality of the dish you will serve in your food and beverage outlet or restaurant.

This method refers to using fat droplets, additives, and stabilizers to ensure components in a product do not separate and last longer.

Homogenization is common for sauces, dressings, cream, and milk.

More small businesses are manufacturing food and selling them in food trucks and roadside stalls.

However, to be successful in the industry and to connect to target consumers, proper techniques must be implemented.

The following are key steps to food manufacturing.

  1. Do Market Research
    All entrepreneurs and business owners need to perform industry and market research to better understand existing products and potential competitors.
    Researching will also highlight the costs of making a product, as well as its practicality and demand.
    This will enable strategic brainstorming on how to boost profits and be innovative.
    Research can be done by scanning the internet or talking to business owners in the food industry.
    You can also attend trade shows, study food trends, and browse through grocery stores to learn about the market.
    It is also helpful to test recipes and give samples out to those interested.
    This will allow the business to have reviews and feedback from consumers about their product.

  2. Do a budget
    It is important to outline all expenses that the business will encounter.

    This includes costs of ingredients, packaging, labels, machinery, and distribution.

    By identifying the actual costs, you can build the budget and find the right investments.

    Generally, businesses will accumulate funding from personal capital, or family and friends.

  3. Create the Right Packaging
    Creating the right packaging will convey the business’s brand and with the right aesthetics, you can attract customers.

    One way to create unique and profitable packaging is to understand target consumers.

    For example, a brand is launching a coffee drink for health-conscious customers.

    A marketable design may include listing all the health benefits of the product on the label.

  4. Protect the Product
    As the brand begins to produce large volumes of food for the market, business owners may need to work with more people.

    This means different individuals will have access to the brands’ goods, ideas, and secret recipes.

    To prevent company information from being shared and replicated, all people associated with manufacturing need to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

  5. Do Marketing Campaigns
    In order to help boost sales and profits, a successful marketing plan will allow the brand to reach a wide customer demographic.

    Businesses can develop effective marketing campaigns by performing market research to learn customers’ preferences.

Littlefatduck specializes in Malaysian and Western cuisines such as pastas, pasta sauces, Malay cuisines, chinese cuisines and Indian cuisines.

Our current customers include Abangburn and Cowboys food truck.

If you have an idea, or better yet, a recipe, we can definitely help you make it.

We also have a variety of options for you to use as your food manufacturing partner.

For a reliable and trusted food manufacturer in Malaysia, choose the littlefatduck.

The minimum order begins with 10 kilograms per order of food items.

We can help make your food manufacturing more efficient with OEM products so you can save cost and time on most of your manual food production.

Recipe Customization

Have a recipe at hand that you want to mass produce? We at Little Fat Duck offer recipe customization with just 3 simple steps.

We will ensure that the recipe is done based on a pre determined set of SOP’s to ensure perfection from method of cooking to food portioning, all without compromising on taste and flavor of the desired product.

The recipe will be kept private and confidential.

If you do not have a recipe on hand do not worry, we have our own in-house research and development team that can help to create new flavors to keep your menu new and always delicious!

3 simple steps